It is not our role to dictate or prejudice your view on stick length.  With that in mind....

The following rule is based on the Jim Watson approach to stick length which is intended to increase the players ability to control the puck.  Not every coach or hockey player will agree with this.

Jim also recommends that there be no "knob" on the end of the stick or, at most, only a couple of layers of tape.  Jim's technique also teaches the player to grip the stick close to its end where the gloves little finger can curl in behind the butt end.

Defensemen usually prefer a longer stick than forwards and will usually resist Jim's advice.  However, once a defenseman uses the shorter stick, they will usually not go back to a longer one.  Once a defenseman is able to control the puck, you'll never get it away from them.

Last updated 03/11/2004