References - XML Roundtable - DVCUG Feb 21, 2001 will have materials and links on site

Samples, useful stuff and contacts

(Things you may not have seen)

Microsoft's XML Notepad Editor may be a useful tool

Remember that IE 5.x & Navigator 6.x are XML enabled (It understands the syntax and formatting) Sample of using the parser within IE5 is at

Has anyone here tried some XML ?


Extending XHTML with XSLT, where XML dynamically changes. It will probably outstrip Javascript? (See example of IE5 Data island)

Some good references as well as

IBM's Intro to XML Other IBM Intro's to XML




IBM Websphere Developer Tools PRPQ for iSeries Tools release date 02/23/01 was not up

( with the newly rewritten Info Center for V5R4 is now up )


More Java Information:

John's JUGHead Newsletter of local Java offerings - user groups & education


International Conference for Java Development (

Conference: February 27 to March 2 5 tracks, 70 sessions, 2500 attendees

Marriott Marquis, New York City "Maximizing Java for the Enterprise"

Only the exhibit floor is free (Thurs, 3/1 12:45 - 6:45 and Fri, 3/2 12:00 - 5:00),

but they do have night school sessions and a course for getting SUN Java Certified.


P2P Computing & Development
March 19–21, 2001
New York, NY


Examples in RPG

Source for the RPG XML settings uses lots of Sub-Procedures and Pointers

It is true ILE with SRVPGM *MODULES and the CRTPGM command

Laptop has source for SAXCOUNT and RPGBD2SAMP

Setting up the samples:

They are hardcoded to by folder name on the IFS!

Within Ops Navigator, create the folder under ROOT! So it will look like


Put a SHARE on the folder

Don't have to make it a converted folder. Do you know what a converted folder is - it is great for CPYFRMSTMF for EBCDIC-ASCII conversion on the fly.

You need not be familiar with FTP - follow instructions and it installs nicely.

But I believe that this XML / RPG wrapper will only be used by product vendors


What the future will really be….. DAD Document Access Definitions

Redbook SG246130 XML Extenders to compose XML from relational data or decompose

This is a GUI Tool for DB2 UDB ! DAD's are coming in the next release of IBM !

DB Text Extender allows structural search and full text search into an XML document.

Page 193/213 of .PDF has a has Servlets (like BrowseOrderServlet) which is well documented.


Summary of this presentation

The RPG samples use both SAX and DOM parsers. SAX is simple, fast, beginning to end parser. DOM puts the document into memory and can be manipulated.

Other Parsers are coming: XML for Java (XML4J) JSAX

Get familiar with some more terms, and concepts:

XPATH - A query language for nodes

VML Vector Markup Language

And the following quote from XML Magazine:

If you are familiar with Cascading Style Sheets, you may think that an XSL style sheet is simply a different way of expressing styles. It isn't. XSL is a technology written in XML that can associate given element patterns in an XML document with other collections of strings (or better yet, with elements from a different XML form). XSL can take an XML document as input and convert it into HTML, for example. However, if that HTML document isn't also an XML document, then most XSL parsers have to manipulate the HTML as strings, which is much less efficient than manipulating the element as internal binary objects.

Moreover, XSL can't transform HTML into XML unless the HTML is also well-formed XML. On the other hand, with XHTML you can perform a direct transformation into another XML structure (or even into different XHTML), pass an XHTML document through but change only a few selected elements, or retrieve information that may be contained in an HTML table and convert it into a different XML structure.

For example, you could create a relatively simple XSL transform that would read through an XHTML document and convert any expressions of the form <clock:showTime format="long"/> into the expression <span class= "clock">3:25:16 PM PST</span> when displayed. This gives you the capability of creating a tag-based system of output similar to Allaire's Cold Fusion, but one in which you could explicitly define all of the actions that you wanted to perform