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but here is the list of functions from Linoma Marketing


The evaluation version of CVTILERPG will give you up to 10 conversions.

"Feel free to make copies of CVTILERPG for your colleagues at other AS/400 installations. They can also download this utility from our web site at or they can request a copy by calling us toll free at 1-800-949-4696 or (402)334-7513.


The command CVTILERPG converts RPG III and RPG/400 source code to ILE RPG.

Member types that can be converted are RPG, RPT, RPG38, RPT38 and SQLRPG.

The command UPDILERPG updates your existing ILE RPG IV source code to take advantage of the features provided by the CVTILERPG utility.

The command DOCNSTLOG marks the beginning and ending of your IF, DO, SELECT and CAS structures.