Personal Stuff of John Voris


Raised in Wilmington, Delaware. Father employed at Hercules Inc.

Daughter that worked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (both are such treasures)

She and I are both graduates of the University of Pennsylvania, the Ivy League school in Philadelphia, PA

I love living in Chester County, the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

My favorite customers are Phico Insurance, Herr's Potato Chips and SEI Investments

I'm active in lots of user groups. It is a great way to pay back to both the IT industry and the local community - with neighbors helping neighbors.

Outside interests - Surfing, windsurfing and hanging "down the shore". In fact, here are instructions to close up the shore place.

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Video Favorites

Uncle Floyd - The best thing about New Jersey

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Lewis Black, Commentary every Wednesday for the Daily Show

Red Dwarf, the BBC foray into the future of mankind, where everything is Better than Life.










Great Lines and Scenes to Remember (in no particular order)


Weekend at Bernie's

"Skitch, how did we get here?"

"I brought you here, sir,

for I am Spartacus."

That Thing You Do

"I'm not a Criminal. I'm an Outlaw."

SteelYard Blues with Jane Fonda & Donald Sutherland

"I'm just a song and dance man on my way to Jerusalem"

Greaser's Palace

The Man in the White Suit (1952)

(My Dad's Favorite)

Yellow Submarine

Time Bandits

Zardoz starring Sean Connery

Back to the Future

Connections with James Burke

The Western Tradition