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IBM iSeries AS/400 Business Solutions

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Downingtown, PA 19335-3763

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Cooper Biomedical, Inc. (Pharmaceuticals)

Technicon Instruments Corp. (Pharmaceuticals)

BCA BioPool Pharmaceuticals (Pharmaceuticals)

Becton Dickinson & Company (Multi-National Pharmaceuticals)

URL Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Generic Pharmaceutical Products)

Commodore Business Machines, Inc.(PC manufacturer)

Digica Inc (ASP Hosting Services)

Decision One, Service Div. (Network Business Services)

Phico Insurance, Inc (Hospital and Doctor Malpractice Ins.)

SEI Financial Services, Inc. (Investment Tracking Software)

MAACO Enterprises, Inc. (Franchise Mgmt)

Herrs Foods (Regional Snack Foods)

National Foods, Inc. (Food Processor)

Rhone-Poulenc, Inc. (Specialty Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals)

ESCO Engineered Systems (Aerospace Make-To-Order Mfg.)

Techalloy Manufacturing (Steel Mfg.)

Johnson Matthey, Inc. (Platinum & Precious Metal Refining)

Prince Mfg/Bennetton Sports (Consumer Sporting Goods)

Software Plus, Inc. (System /38 Consulting)


Projects & Business Areas

Process and Discrete Manufacturing,

emphasis in non-traditional manufacturing systems

(pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing, consumer and business electronics, make-to-order manufacturing)

Repair / Service Organizations, including

On-line Customer Service functions, Help Desk & Business Support Services

Financial Service Systems 

Operating Systems & Systems Programming

Restructure processes for improved user productivity

System response-time improvements, performance tuning and hardware needs analysis

Communication (APPC, SNADS File Transfers and Passthrough) and Client Access installs

Design of data communication networks

Site surveys and recommendations

Design master plan for Disaster Recovery and install archive retrieval processes

Evaluate and install PTF’s and version upgrades

Beeper support for OS and Application errors

Application Programming

Manufacturing, inventory and production control areas

Financials (A/P, Payroll, G/L, Fixed Assets, A/R)

Financial Service Systems including custom Brokerage interfaces

Customer service areas, including heavy Order Entry and Shipping modifications

Field service areas (entirely custom)

System documentation aids, system monitors and Pager response systems

Custom systems to optimize inventory usage and procurement choices

PC Programming and Support

Exton PC Club, Speaker for Novice users and MS Office apps since 1994

PC File down/uploads to AS/400 using various CA/400 products, esp. Bank Transmits

Excel-VBA macros & screen-scrapers to production AS/400 forecast and payraise pgms

Compiled dBase and Fortran apps within an Engineering environment

End-user network support and PCL programming interfaces for HP network printers

Programmer and User Training

Train programmers and users, create productivity aids for programmers and users

Structure test environments. Initiate and train programmers in their use.

Write documentation manuals for users and data processing staff

Program and document functions of hand-held async devices

Head instructor of training classes for users

Script and direct training film

Project Management

Project control and review, cost/benefit analysis, presentations to upper management

Draft specs and structure projects, develop, test, debug and document processes

Structure programming projects and System design and overviews

Draft program specs and estimates


Knowledgebase and Training

Hardware, Languages and Packages:

IBM Certified Specialist - IBM eServer iSeries 400 Technical Solution Designer V4R5


IBM iSeries & AS/400, System /38, System /3, IBM PC, UNIX, Windows & Windows NT

RPG III, RPG II, CL, COBOL, FORTRAN, BASIC, Java, Visual Basic, C++, PL/1

Excel, Word, Lotus and dBase Programming and Macros.

Infinium (a.k.a. Software 2000), Marcam, Data3, PCR Pansophic, MAPICS, J D Edwards

MRC, a 4th GL tool, and other turnover, backup, pager and scheduling packages


B. S. Economics, major in Management from an Ivy League university.

Additional coursework in Mechanical Engineering.

Continuing Ed courses from Penn State University -

Java, Java Beans, Visual Basic, TCP/IP, C++, UNIX 1,2,3



Twenty years of implementing systems on the IBM iSeries AS/400 and assisting users in all phases of implementation.


1326 Glenside Road

Downingtown, PA 19335-3763

(610) 873-0780

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