Are you backing up your whole system?

Besides SAVSYS and SAVLIB and SAVDLO, are you aware of the SAV command?


We all got used to /QDLS as the area for WRKDOC & WRKFLR and also for "shared folders" and AS/400 help text.

But many backup programs written in house have not been updated to recognize the I.F.S. File System. A sample full save of the IFS took about 10 minutes to save with 6139 objects of about 733 meg. It would be labelled on the tape as "SAV20000811", a mangled-date-ID.


To save the entire system, the commands are (from the Menu Option 21 under GO SAVE to save the entire system) ...





('/QDLS' *OMIT) UPDHST(*YES) <<<<< This cmd may not have ever been put into the weekly

nor daily backups.


When doing Java development, the new "PC Objects sit in the I.F.S. and needs to be backed up with the new command SAV (or SAVBRM, an equivalent command of the BRMS tape backup system). As we move into Java Development, we will want to include this area of "PC Objects" in the daily backup for faster recovery. I am saving the entire IFS in both weekly and daily backups.

F.Y.I. The SAV commands support pattern-matching and folder paths (SUBTREE options). Also, should you need something akin to a SAVCHGOBJ (an incremental backup depending on changes), there is the CHGPERIOD option on the SAVBRM command to save only files which have changed since the last *FULL-SAVE.



If you have not, then start using the SAVBRM command immediately, but specifically, you must ignore QSYS and QDLS since they are "under the root" of the I.F.S. You don't want to duplicate the work done by your SAVLIB and SAVDLO commands. Also, these commands save authorities which the SAV command will not save...

"To save all objects in all file systems except the QSYS.LIB file system and the QDLS file system:




Another F.Y.I. - I interpret from my reading that one neat thing you can do is to use the SAV command to save sister libraries and folders with a single command:

SAV obj(('/QSYS.LIB/CBDICT.LIB' ) ('/mrcjava/cbdict/*.*')

But one annoyance I have not resolved is being able to display when the individual objects in these folders or the QDLS folders were saved. Since these are more like Unix and PC objects, this information may not be available, only the attribute bit saying if they need to be saved.




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