Article of the Month - 2001

A series of thought - provoking articles authored by John or which got John's attention



 April 2001

War with Iraq? The economy? Well, hear what San Francisco (free thinkers of the nation) are concentrating on. The Guardian, a well respected free distribution magazine does some great investigative in-depth journalism. This month they cover the California Power Crisis of 2001.

Last year at this time, they wrote a definitive article of the hazardous material inside your PC. P.S. In the image of the skull is actually a circuit board… the eyes are black silicon chips.)



March 2001

The loss of history in the new Industrial Age

Sign up for the Premier issue of Wireless Business & Technology. I know, I know - I was skeptical too, but it is a surprisingly good and interesting magazine.


February 2001

Here's a great technical article of John's - A very interesting instance of a merger of SQL with a Java Function

And an insightful article about Microsoft


January 2001

Here's an interesting comparison of business, IT and Bacteria.