Article of the Month - 2000

A series of thought - provoking articles which got John's attention


December 2000 * A CLASSIC *

This month, in preparation for the Exton PC Council 15th Anniversary,

John looked back at the developments over the past 15 years which have changed computing as we know it. His conclusions may surprise you.



November 2000

The Future of Open Source an Article in the The Future of Software



October 2000

And for those who think that Western Civilization needs direction as we dash headlong into the 21st century, how about what the popular children's author R J Rowling writes about Harry Potter a classic hero but the underlying tone of the Harry Potter books troubles some deep thinkers ! 

In the same vein, and with a similarly named character, here is a discussion of why It's a Wonderful Life may be the most depressing movie ever made The fact that the evil character has no chance of redemption (somewhat like the The Matrix and Indiana Jones movies), the townspeople are haunted by the totalitarianism of Old Man Potter, and the desperate condition of the main character who commits suicide and can only be helped by divine intervention, and who does not conquer his foe even with the assistance of his helpful friends and family.