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Twenty years serving the IBM iSeries AS400 community in the Philadelphia region

John is an IBM Certified Specialist - IBM eServer iSeries 400 Technical Solutions Designer offering a broad range of application and OS support to small, medium and large customers.

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John Voris presented to the user group DVCUG in November 2000 joining a panel of experts to speak about tools. He presented a comparison of the database file utility DBU by ProData (an industry standard) to newcomer Linoma with its GUI components, as well as programming tricks.                              Find out who DVCUG is - http://www.dvcug.org/


John's article in the February 2001 DVCUG newsletter talks about SQL and XML and Java Methods.

DVCUG Roundtables

Here are presentations from the DVCUG Roundtables of previous years: XML parser for RPG, the Ops Nav GUI scheduler, etc.


Many shops may not be backing up everything within their systemů use the command SAV for the IFS


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